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There are actually two pieces. Individual transformation and group or community transformation. Allan Schore, Dan Siegel (both at UCLA) and Curt Thompson teach we are designed to be seen. Thompson says, a lot, "an infant comes into this world looking for someone, looking for her/him, and it never goes away". I have no idea what you teach in seminary, but if future pastors don't know how we are designed by God, in His image, that every person walking through the church doors is craving that being seen experience, the congregation will never evaluate the space as TOV. We have a list of needs and people really think church knows that and they will get those needs met at church.

If the church is "led" by the benevolent dictator, he is still a dictator. In the Beth Barr recording you posted Sept 20, Laura Taro talks about the policing. The church I attended for a long time created a gang. They called it the men's group, but what they actually were doing is this policing training. So the enemy became the people in the building. I don't believe Jesus taught that. Division or enemies. Because we have this internal design to belong. The "secular" research people, Schore, Siegel and Shine know people is a far more positive way than Pastors. Understanding belonging, not fear of being rejected to control behavior is what toxic is, belonging needs to be understood and embraced.

Beth Moore experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLiZA_7MXh8

You might want to talk to Charolette Lehman, married to Karl Lehman, Pastor of church in Chicago.



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